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Dakota Neuman – for 20 years he’s been delivering a sound that is reminiscent of the times you were most yourself. Thoughtfully navigating through the joys and sorrows of life, Dakota draws from his empathetic nature to connect our wandering souls’ experience to a sense of familiarity. Never short for words, he paints a picture you can only imagine; until you are placed right there in that very moment.

His story begins in a small town just west of the Cascade Mountains. A place big enough to dream, yet small enough to remember your worth. Recorded at the Trace Horse Studios in Nashville, Dakota’s single “Hometown”, puts us in the passenger seat asking the question, “where are we headed?”. As the volume rises, we realize it isn’t where we are going, but the time spent looking out the window, reflecting on what got us here to begin with.

Recognizing his passion for connecting through the sounds that he emanates, Dakota devoted days-turned-months to self-discovery, enriching his creative process during his five years in Music City. After a brief interaction with a fellow employee at the Boot Store, Dakota found a group of like minded folks that would help him transcend from a talented vocalist with an acoustic guitar, to developing a massive sound that carries throughout any environment. From covers to originals, his greatest strength lies in his authenticity, complimented by the raw-yet-refined approach to his records. His sense of self reminds us of why we are who we are, and the freedom to embrace that. 

 Never afraid of a day's work, he returned to his family's business in construction, where his creativity and work ethic continues to shine. As a means to reconcile with reality, he continues to sculpt pieces that speak on the battles of life, its meaning, and the things we may have lost. Regardless of its demands, he knows that a life spent creating is a life well spent.

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"In 11 years of putting on the Washington Nashville Country Star singing competition, Dakota Neuman is the most complete performer I have had the pleasure of working with.  His vocal talent and range are undeniable.  He is an accomplished guitar player as well as an amazing entertainer.  Dakota is very interactive and comfortable on stage.  He combines all of these attributes with a wonderfully humble attitude and friendliness.  Dakota is our 2015 Washington Nashville Country Star winner. I highly recommend Dakota for any musical event.  Regardless of how big or how small the event, you will be happy you booked this young man.  Book him soon while you can still afford him"

Ed Lisenby

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